Reviews for "My Name Is Olay Clock"


sorry I gave army of blam a 0... I should have known it'd be really long, thus making up for the 4mb filesize. :( Sorry! I gave you a 5 here, I just hope it makes up for it.

Olay-Clock313 responds:

its ok, first step is always realizing your mistake and apologizing! So you get my respect

good film when the chat room ask me to vote fifen

i liked it it was pretty funny ur good at flash well i gots to go

ps VOTE 5 STrawberry CLock commands it!

Olay-Clock313 responds:

i'm glad you liked it!


OlayClock u rule hombre!

Olay-Clock313 responds:

YEA! I'm glad you liked it. I put a lot of effort into it. This goes to you and everyone else - be on the look out for my next movies!

watched about 15 seconds of it

It seriously doesnt get any more gay. I think this right here tops it. Out of all the flaming piles of shit these fags have submitted this one is the worst. congratulations "olay" you are absolutely the biggest dumbass of all times

Olay-Clock313 responds:

it does get more gay when it comes to you. u watched 15 secs cuz ur a queer bait... how can u honestly say one of the worst? Oh, and it's no surprise that you don't have ANY movies! or maybe u made a movie and it got blammed... either way ur a shitty piece of shit "beergutt" - make a movie then review me

That was horrible.

Thankfully, I was lulled to sleep by the highly repetitive beat and lack of content, so the mental anguish was only mild.

Olay-Clock313 responds:

Thankfully, I'm not as narrow-minded as you are. When you act shitty towards movies when you've never made one. Wierd isn't it? Most people who are hating don't even have a movie... hmmm wonder why...