Reviews for "My Name Is Olay Clock"

Nice rap OlayClock!

You are the best rapping clock I know!

Olay-Clock313 responds:

YeA! I'm glad you liked it... Anyone can be a rapping clock. so far it's just me, milk clock, & chibi goku clock...

Great Movie

Lol, i loved wade's tshirt

Olay-Clock313 responds:

lol .... I'm glad you liked it... and wade's shirt.

funny, innovative, new...

could you please teach mudafucken_clock how to use flash? this movie was funny, creative and all that... i really enjoyed it! thanks!


funnny and a LOT of effort that alone gives it a 10 good job !!!

All clock movies deserve a 10!

Wow that was great you put alot of effort into it!