Reviews for "My Name Is Olay Clock"

Watch out dawgs!!

Olay Clock in the hizhouse! Word! Also, that movie I think is longer than "In the Garden of Eden".

Nice rap OlayClock!

You are the best rapping clock I know!

Olay-Clock313 responds:

YeA! I'm glad you liked it... Anyone can be a rapping clock. so far it's just me, milk clock, & chibi goku clock...


sorry I gave army of blam a 0... I should have known it'd be really long, thus making up for the 4mb filesize. :( Sorry! I gave you a 5 here, I just hope it makes up for it.

Olay-Clock313 responds:

its ok, first step is always realizing your mistake and apologizing! So you get my respect


His Outfits Owned Joo!

*does a happy dance*

Clocks Rock! They should be on a Newgrounds version of MTV or something ^^ You did great Olay Clock. Major kudos from Nyo-kun also known as Twitch Clock!