With My Mind's Madness

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*4/17/2013*For some reason flash is dropping the music
It might be because the flash is so old and the new flash isnt compatable anymore.
if youd like rightclick and uncheck play, the check play again. if that still doesnt work play the video version

Originally I was only going to be submitting the Madness Regent Game with Tom, but about a Week ago I was listening to this *song and since I had Madness on the brain, I totally envisioned this scene.
So the week before Madness Day I started hustling on this, So if it looks rougher than my usual rough stuff, now you know why, haha.
This is an imaginary epilogue to Madness Inundation. So if you want an idea of whats going on go see that first.

*name of the song is "with my Mind" made by the band called "Cold" for a game called "Psi-Ops : the mindgate conspiracy" you can probably get a used copy for like 8 bucks now, or down load the PC version for free.

SWEET! NUMBER ONE ON THE TOP FIFTY! lol Its been awhile since Ive been up here, it feels good, the wind has a nice crispness to it.. *Marks the time. 10/02/08 8am score 4.57... welp Time for this roller coaster ride to end, see yall at tha' bottom ^_^

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I love when madness shorts are actually drawn, it's so gooood!

I'm glad that classics are getting attention lately

If Jebus did this in the actual series, everyone would be dead
Awesome work

A childhood fave right here, thats for damn sure.

Opinión renovada:
Realmente le tengo aprecio ha este video ya que con esté conocí al Madness Combat, por lo qué automáticamente se vuelve algo especial para mi. Algo que me pareció curioso y una de las cosas que más me gusto fue la estética sombría. A pesar de que tenga un diseño de personajes relativamente simple, es eficaz, es simple pero eficaz. Y lo que más me encanto fue la aparición de los Zombies, fue y sigue siendo brutal. Me sorprendió lo casi inútil que fue Auditor por qué prácticamente hizo un daño nulo a Jebus, incluso los incompetentes Grunts hicieron más.
A pesar de que ya han pasado años desde su estreno está obra de arte no envejecerá en mi corazón.