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Reviews for "With My Mind's Madness"

I remember watching this around the time that it came out, and I have to say that I that I like it even more now than back then. (Nu-metal aside)
The animation does feel rushed at times, but the quality of the actual artstyle makes it work and almost feel intentional- Jebus' face when he's on the cross gives me shivers.
I don't know if Cold ever had a big break, but I feel like they should've used this as an official video for this song.

Brilliant from start to finish, but I do wish it could've had some more time in the oven.

the ending is kinda sad but Good Job...

Music fits very well. You can definitely see that it was a bit rushed. The animation varies in quality, ranging from great to not-so-good. I think the rough style fits perfectly considering the mad, psychedelic battle going on. It's really epic, and insanely col, what with Jebus' zombies and the music and the huge city destruction scene with Jebus crucified. The city scene in particular feels a bit weird because it feels like the auditor is just flying around all the buildings but is instead being blasted with some sort of energy. Regardless, a pretty cool Madness tribute.

fell in love with Cold after hearing this and was and still is a fan of krinkels which is fucking awesome
awesome work man keep continuing it please!

this is amazing good job