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Reviews for "With My Mind's Madness"

HA!! god could do more then that he can just say it and the dark guy is powder he can just not even say it XD

Every Madness Day, there's always those one or two, and sometimes three, animations that stand out from the rest.
From the rest of the of the cookie cutter plots and animations.
The ones that deviate from the typical Madness animation (not to say this is always a good thing no matter what; sometimes it works better with the same style), and are drawn frame by frame. The ones that look good even if they are hustled a bit, and rough around the edges; sometimes, it works better when it's got that sketch-like look to it.
The ones that absolutely deserve it's spot on 1st place, if it ends up getting it.
This was that animation for 2008, and it still looks like it owns that 1st place ribbon to this day.
This is about eight years late, but I don't care; congratulations have no expiration date.
Absolutely wonderful.

MindChamber responds:

thanks so much for that review! I sincerely appreciate it, :)

This animaiton is pretty strange,but sure i will get nightmares...

amazing! I loved when he raised the dead I think its funny cause he dosent use that power to often the whole thing was just great

Just amaizing