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Reviews for "With My Mind's Madness"


Wow...just wow that was unbelievable...I actually really liked the rough animation too, it gave madness a different feel, but it was still all there. Definitely the best of madness day I've seen yet in my opinion. God that was awesome.

this tells you really care of religion

WOW! First movie i have seen of the christian bale being crucified, maybe you could have done the characters better, but the form you mix the animation with the music, relly fits

Frickin' Sweet

Sorry for the delayed response
Absolutely loved it! The religious overtones gave it a really emotional feel, very powerful. All the action was very satisfying as always, very interesting story piece, perfect feel to it.
Glad you got it out relatively soon :)
Great work!

MindChamber responds:

lol only 2 days late ! :-p

thanks for the review!

You just killed the ending for MC lol

I loved it! everything was done so well.. xD can't wait for your next piece of work.

Great Job Mindchamber!

Didn't expect anything less coming from you!