Ultimate Defense 2

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After receiving a ton of feedback for the first Ultimate Defense, I have decided to create a sequel. I have listened to all of the comments, and have created a game that has twice the levels, 2 great new characters, twice the enemies, 4x the spells, and mini-games to help you earn more money.

I have increased the difficulty as well, after getting numerous reports that the first one was too easy. I hope this is challenging enough now.



Not bad

its pretty good but not one of my favorites

Too Difficult

To be totally honest, this game was shockingly hard.
For instance, i lost a life, then resumed ... but with only 10hp left insted of full health.
The angle at which the game was set also annoyed me because it got in the way and clearing land costs to much.
If you make a number 3, please make dificulty settings:
Easy: with more money and normal enemys
Normal: with normal cash and average enemies
Hard: with hardly any money but with more more enemies, they should also give out more of money than usual.

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The first was better.

Really, it was.

good but im a newb at these things and it was hard

well after an hour attempt i got to the 4th level. so yeah a easyier setting would be nice and for all those pros perhaps a harder setting??
A suggestion if u ever make a sequal since the graphics reminded me of final fantasy tactics (awesoem game) perhaps you could start off with a set of basic towers and then pick which one it could evolve two when it levels up sort off like a job system?
anywya good game i rather enjoyed it dispite the diffaculty 8/10

pretty horrible

things are far far far too expensive not to mention if you don't manage money perfectly you will never see past level 3

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3.80 / 5.00

Aug 30, 2008
12:07 PM EDT
Strategy - Tower Defense