Reviews for "Ultimate Defense 2"

good overall

Was fun till the 3rd level, seemed rather impossible to beat. might be because I don't normally play games like this so I don't know the strategy of it very well. Overall was fairly good, the slot game never seemed to do anything even with around 20 spins never won anything. good job overall on the flash though, all these just minor gripes.


Mages = over priced = lose
Hardly anything strategic about this. Don`t waste your gold on shitty towers/placement. (pointless to have some towers = fail game)
Can continue after you die but not restart? Let me waste some of your time and we'll call it even.
Dig for treasure and hope you get lucky = win = fail game
Basically you have to do perfect or you lose.


Triple-7 gets you $300. This game would be a lot more fun if it weren't for the crappy continue/fail mechanism.

Just like the last one sadly.

Boring, Short, and still far too easy.

Not shabby

I like the old Nintendo-like look to it. Definitely a thinker. I think the warriors should have been in the lower levels, since about level 4 on up, they are useless strategy wise. I got up to level 7 using archers and mages. You'd be surprised how fast a wall of archers level up.

Also I won a couple times on the slots.

Triple (eagle crest) earns you 500
Triple (daggers) earns you 100

Hope that helps.