Reviews for "Ultimate Defense 2"


The game play is just great. It's hard in the beginning, and I like that. Hard, but not overbearing. That's how I would classify this game. It's simply wonderful.


Good game, kind of tough, and out of anything else, one MAJOR problem I had.

When you place a unit, you should be able to see where its range is going to be before you click and choose the direction. Too often I would place it at the wrong spot and not be able to cancel and move it somewhere else. I would be stuck spending all that money to put a relatively useless unit up. Bullshit.

Fix that.


I didnt play the first one, but i had alot of fun with this game no matter how original it is in camparison to part one. Nice atmo here and like someone said before.. Ninjas Ninjas Ninjas allll the way!!! 2-3 complaints though:
- the luck-intermissen mini game is simply nonrelevant. Had aprox 7 turns after each round and only hit lucky 2 times!!
- tooooo easy !!! had no money problems after level 2-3 or something and didnt have to use spells as well
- chars should get past Level 3... ultimate lvl99 Ninja !! yeaaaah!!
- too short ;-)

and one bug: The mana-meter stuck at 50 once i came to thar point. I HAD 100 mana, but the display showed something else (not the numbers, mind you.. the coloured meter..)

overall i had alot of fun, no re-player though. . . have a nice week!


theres a glitch on level 9 i had a ninja on the first corner flatened the first two tiles of the first island and had magic guys on them everything died instantly it was wicked

awesome game

Well, i can't seem why people saying this game is to hard or that is really hard to raise money, I almost started each level with 5k. Although when you unlock the dragons the game becomes wayyy easy, like placing two dragons facing each other and the level is over.

Tip: Don't build defenders when you dont need 'em, maybe that's why you dont have money.

Also, make sure you dig, spells are nice when something escapes your defence to meet your spells, that's why mana potions are there.

I finished the game with 12 mana potions, and i didn't even use 'em. 1 dragon and 4 ninjas were more than enough.

Conclusion, great game nice enviroment the objects like trees and such were a "pain" in some levels but nicely blend to the enviroment, i found the game reallyy easy.

Thanks :)