Reviews for "Ultimate Defense 2"


First one too easy, this one is perfect. Amazing game overall. Should get front page and a place in the all time top scoring list. Next time, make a bit less enemies at the beginning of levels.

I liked it!

It is a good overall game, good sounds, the gameplay is easy yet very strategic. The game is quite fare with treasure digging and a slot machine, the enemies doesn't look that "monster like" but still a cool game to play in the office while drinking some coffe!!!
Keep it up bro, 10/10 5/5 very well deserved!
I envy your knowledge; making games is relly difficult!

Always got stuck on level 6

Really good game, but the slots are just to hard to win at ive only won twice and ive been playing for like 2 hours, and u rarely get anything from digging.

good game!

y liked too much that game 10/10

:] not that hard

this game actually wasnt that hard just conserve your money and use your characters right.