Reviews for "Ultimate Defense 2"


graphics: 10/10
gameplay: 9.5/10
difficulty: 6/10
overall: 10/10

the diffuculty was easy at the start, but by level 3 or 4 it had gotten very very hard.
although by the time you're at 9 or 10 then it's just ninjas and on levels 11 and 12 if you get 2 dragons and a ninja then you might as well go make a cup of tea or something.

it is a really good, fun game, with only a couple of minor problems which i shall overlook because the rest of it was great, and i'm nice like that.

1. all the defenders had were attack and range - how about something like rate of fire or something.

2. glitch!!! the health bar and mana bar had no idea what number it was on, they just jumped back and forth like pixies in a meadow. ya might wanna fix that.

3. glitch again!!! on almost every level that i used them, one of my mages turned crazy. wherever he was on the map, he sent balls of blue at the enemies for the whole time - it didnt actually do any damage until they were in his range, but it was still fun to watch. also, as you know, every time someone attacks they gain exp, so his was flying upwards. it didnt really need to fly upwards, though, because as soon as i'd clicked his position and he had started firing, he magically had 4 attack anyway.

i think you might wanna fix that too.

all in all though, brill game.
ace :D

holy fuck this game gets hard fast!

its a great game but it gets way too hard way too fast! you start off just killing bklue bugs and one archer can manage them easily. then you get these weird eyeballs with wings that just waltz right through all of your defenses. dont get me wrong, this game is great, like i said before, but its kind of hard once you get into the 3rd level, pr even the second. maybe you will have better luck with it than i did. 10/10 Great Animation, gameplay, sound, and idea

Really good game

Just like all the games on NG


A very fun, very simple game I can waste hours on. Excellent work.

True and Not True...

btw, loved this game...ALOT.

guy at the bottem, you make a very good point about complaints, but its also a good way to sharpen a creators skills, to listen to the comments and realize they're flaws (however minor they can be). the important thing is that you release games that are nicely made, just like this one, and if you have a problem with it, than you should speaka the truth. dont hold back, and if the review doesn't say useless, it is likely to be agreed apon by many .swf players.

also, keep up the good work. lookin to play Ultimate Tactics as well ^^