Reviews for "Ultimate Defense 2"


I dont't know who the hell told you the first one was too easy, I tried both and failed the first level the first times I tried. First levels should be easy to get the player to understand how the game works. But your game is overall so hard it doesnt make me want to give it enough effort to go past the third level.


But i want an restart button wich you can click forever. and more music

level 1 thats it

you really hav made good game it so fing hard to bea not even funny UPDATE IT!
the archers are soo uselss and the mages too expensive only level was remotely fun then 2 was impossible its just sad to see such a good game go down like this make people less expensive and more competent also make it so that you can move the in case an accident and get more music
its a good one just make it esier and more thought put into it


This game is like the last one- boring and impossible to beat

Well made

This has some serious effort put into it thats for sure. The only weakness is the difficulty. I found it very simple... ninjas and a dragon.. win...