Reviews for "Ultimate Defense 2"

True and Not True...

btw, loved this game...ALOT.

guy at the bottem, you make a very good point about complaints, but its also a good way to sharpen a creators skills, to listen to the comments and realize they're flaws (however minor they can be). the important thing is that you release games that are nicely made, just like this one, and if you have a problem with it, than you should speaka the truth. dont hold back, and if the review doesn't say useless, it is likely to be agreed apon by many .swf players.

also, keep up the good work. lookin to play Ultimate Tactics as well ^^


I dont know what everyone else is complaining about, I beat it first try, pretty easy, dont build anything but ninjas, once you get Dragons, dont build anything else but dragons lol. I had about 15 grand saved up by the end of it haha, 2 dragons and nothing lives, might have to use a little magic to kill some tougher enemies, but you have lots of magic refills if you dig the whole time your minions are killing the bad guys. Once again I dont know why people complain its to hard, I think its good the way it is bud, most people will never be happy, they complain cause its either to hard, and if its not to hard, than its to easy!

Challenging and addicting!

All the new additions in the sequel are excellent. It wasn't easy, but not impossible to beat. I admit, I had to change strategies a few times to get a hang of the game, but in the end it became much more easier....Once ninja's and dragon's come into play it's a breeze from there.
Great game.

for me, its unbeatable...

while i like everything you added, you lose alot of points for making it TOO hard... im sorry, but you need to consider those who love games, but suck at them... and being crushed by impossible-to-beat enemies, definately doesnt help their morale...

just because alot of hardcore elitist gamers who are inhuman when it comes to gaming whine about a game being too easy, you shouldnt make the entire game impossible to beat for less talented people... of which there are quite a few, i am one of them...

instead of tending to just those inhuman gaming freaks, you should've just added a difficulty option, so those who wanted to sail through the game without trying could do so, and if people wanted to have heart attacks trying to beat it could also choose to do so...

maybe you should work on a third one, and try added in a variety of difficulty options to tend to ALL gamers' levels, not just those gaming mutants?

im sure this will probably get some negative feedback from those people, but im speaking on behalf of those who love games, but suck at most of em, just cause they arent mutants doesnt mean they dont deserve to be listened to and tended to just like those others.

i liked the fact that we could actually continue this time, but again... for those of us who suck, or just wanna relax, maybe you should offer an option to choose how many continues we'd like to attempt the game with, anywhere from 0 to infinite, that way all gamers can have their way.

also, a healing spell would be nice to have, im not sure if you added one or not, since i couldnt get past stage 3... cause some monsters are just impossible to kill when gold goes up so slowly and we arent given alot of choices, instead having to unlock the units by progressing.

well anyway, it seemed like a good idea, but the difficulty and limited continues ruined it for me. next time, dont just think of those hardcore inhuman gamers that shrug off a difficulty that makes 98% of gamers cringe...

Awesome game

This is a really good game... but there really should be a save, and you should lower the difficulty just a bit, or have options for easy, medium, and hard. I beat the entire game, but the first lvls are pretty hard, until you earn enough to place 2 ninjas in the beginning. I never started using dragons until the last couple levels, in the lava place.

Above all, this was a great game.