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-- Small update - 1.0c --
Fixed the preloader not showing up immediately.
-- Small update - 1.0b --
Prevented the menu music from starting over every time
you enter the main menu.

The result of about two days of hard work.
I wanted to make a simple but yet quite challanging game, which I figured a Flee game would fit into.

I think the part I spent most time on was choosing the music.
I just couldn't find the right music for it, and I'm still not sure I got it right.

The rules are simple, you play as the green square and you have to avoid the red square for as long as possible.

The controls are as simple as they could possibly get, just move around your mouse to control the player square.

Try to beat the highscore and have fun while you're at it!

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Game wasn't original or creative. Didn't captivate. Wasn't addicting in the least.
Music was good, but you didn't make that, so no points for that.

Games like this are a dime a dozen.

And most I've seen pulled it off a lot better. And with much more originality.

I see...

So, you make this without telling me eh? Well, the music was fitting (in my opinion) the idea was generic but the execution was slightly above. Though grey themes seems to be your thing, but try to avoid that unless you make something special out of it, and the graphics... the GRAPHICS! You know what to do.


But maybe sligtly better music?


I thought that this was going to be "another generic-as-shit mouse avoider game with no features and one crappily made "enemy.", and even though some of that was somewhat true, at least it was actually fun.

Next time I suggest upgrading the graphics, but although it was simple, I say good job.

Haskerill responds:

Thank you!
The sequel will have better graphics and more advanced gameplay.