Reviews for "Flee"


this is simple. and easy game to play. but not soo easy that u get bored. it's really addictive. :)

Got hard fast!

That about sums this game up. I thought the music was a good choice, by the way.


I thought that this was going to be "another generic-as-shit mouse avoider game with no features and one crappily made "enemy.", and even though some of that was somewhat true, at least it was actually fun.

Next time I suggest upgrading the graphics, but although it was simple, I say good job.

Haskerill responds:

Thank you!
The sequel will have better graphics and more advanced gameplay.

Needs iprovements

This is a fun game, no doubt. However a sequel could do with more enemies, different modes, achievements and powerups.

Haskerill responds:

Those are quite good ideas.
I'll consider those for the sequel.


very addicting game will cause carpel tunnel for many people