Reviews for "Flee"


good timekiller game.. add a background {and blood for no apparent reason} lol

Haskerill responds:

I might add a background in the next version. I'm thinking of a background that changes every five levels or so. I have a problem finding a fitting background though.


very addicting game will cause carpel tunnel for many people

Needs iprovements

This is a fun game, no doubt. However a sequel could do with more enemies, different modes, achievements and powerups.

Haskerill responds:

Those are quite good ideas.
I'll consider those for the sequel.

Pretty fun

The only thing with it is that I found it to be incredibly easy to avoid the red square up until around level 36 just by going in circles. So maybe you could make the red square get faster sooner just to up the difficulty.
Also, I enjoyed the music a great deal because it seemed to fit right in with the whole theme of fleeing.

Haskerill responds:

I might change that in the next version, or the sequel.
The problem with changing it in the next version is that I need to reset the highscore-list to give everyone playing the new version a fair chance.

Got hard fast!

That about sums this game up. I thought the music was a good choice, by the way.