Paradise on E (Karco Remix)

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EDIT 7-8-08: WOAH, Weekly 3rd and 18th overall! :D Thanks a LOT for your votes, everyone! :D :D :D

To those of you who are finding it through the Weekly Best, enjoy!


NOTE: The full title is Paradise on E (Karco's Lifted Remix)


About time, eh? This is a full remix of B0UNC3's song, using NOTHING but the lead melody (which I came up with by ear as well) - it's essentially a new song! I spent about a month on it, though most of the composition was done about six or seven months ago, when I originally got the idea. That time it fell apart, but you can tell now that it eventually came together to become something awesome! :D

Ok, enough rambling, onto the next section:


Special Thanks - so many people helped in the making of this song I may as well! ;D

- B0UNC3, for making the original and letting me remix it, find it at http://www.newgrounds.com /audio/listen/26209 (and don't forget to remove the space)!
- Everyone who remixed it before me, for making me want to top them all! ;D
- Everyone on MSN and AIM who helped by offering tips, criticism, etc. - too many to name here! (Ok, I doubt it's more than 10 people, I'm just too lazy to think of them all. :P)
- What the heck, may as well: You, the listener, for listening. :D </cheese>


Also note that the quality of the MP3 you're listening to here is very low (96 kbps, the best I could do :\), so if you want the HQ version, leave a review, PM me, or just let me know somehow. ;) I know it sounds horrible right now, I'm waiting for Pulstate to get back to me with a better-sounding version soon...

Anyway, enjoy! :D

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Just for this

I signed up just to give this song ten stars. It sounds amazing, I listened to the original also, but the build in this song and the way it is composed just makes my mind race when I listen to it.

Karco responds:

Glad you liked it, thanks for the review.

Great Effort!

Nice Megamix approach, definitely a more uncommon method of demonstrating POE's versatility.

I gave it a 7/10 because POE was not introduced efficiently nor did it maintain a good blend with the existing foundation.

Karco responds:

Thanks for the review. I agree - if I were to do this over, I would definitely do some things differently.

Sounds alright, but...

I dont think this is teh right way to approach a POE remix. This sounds like a total trance megamix set up, and then you try to throw POE on top of it and it just doesnt blend. The trance megamix sounds really pro, but the POE on top of it doesnt.

Karco responds:

In some senses, I agree - I would definitely do some things differently if I were to make a new remix of this track.

Thanks for reviewing!

its not bad but...

needs more paradise on e

Karco responds:

The idea was that, other than the melody, it's a completely independent song. This was never intended to be a remake like most of its remixes were. ;)


I accually loved the long intro. But then I heard the accual main synth come in and I was like whoa, yeah it's Paradise On E. You could take the intro up untill like 1:26 and then use a more melow synth and make a totally new great song. And then that intro part came in again and lifted does seem like a good term to describe the feel of the remix.

Karco responds:

The track basically is an entirely new song, minus the lead melody. :)

Thanks for the review!

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4.57 / 5.00

Jul 2, 2008
2:14 PM EDT
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