Madness combat test 1

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... wow... looking back on this animation, just within a couple days of posting it, with my new animation im making were im taking my sweet time... THIS IS HORRID!
well i mean fr my first EVER madness animation its truly amazing, without knowing what the heck i was doing just going on a whim, but with my new series... MAN it looks like a animation i put 2 hours into (and i put alot more than that into this thing haha)
Geez... well i deffinatly needed to up the frame rate ALOT maybe to 20.5 or 25.0... depends.... Thats what my new series s gonna be running in. And the sound effects were allitle off... by a frame.... or 2.. otherwise i would give myself a 6 for a goo attempt or a review and a 3 just to be nice haha
so sorry if i got a little mad at you guys who gave me realy low scores, one guy was just being a jerk for no reason, the others... i dont know but i see that this is just... a first attempt. And my new animation is ALOT better i promise on everything i own, which isnt alot so ill promise on everything YOU own haha.. yeah... well we can all look back on this when i have good animations up and just say..
"HAHAHAHA wow man THIS SUCKED! haha" yeah... well im still glad i made it and posted it up!
So thanks for your critisism and views keep em commin and ill imform ALL who review this that ive made a new one so you can all see HOW much ive improved form this sorry excuse for a madness. There is a plot, a story line, character development, action, music, EVERYTHING YOU WANT IN A MADNESS! so thanks for the views :]

i never thought id be animating madness BUT I AM HAHAHA!
all thanks to sprite downloads
NOW all the characters and sounds EVERYTHING you see i did NOT create!
I downloaded everything from some sprite thingy...
so all credit to Krinkles the creator of madness!
All animation by me, THEY WILL GET BETTER I PROMISE!!
and to all the people who are thinking
Hey, i can animate this! I want to animate madness!
DO NOT try this if you are new to flash DO not try to animate everything in one layer
and DO NOT animate madness if you have something to do cause its VEARY time consuming!
Thanks and enjoy
(P.S. i do NOT know what websites i used for the sprite downloads i just searched "madness combat sprite downloads)

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okay not bad

this is the shortest and badest madness video i ever see and its in slow mo


hank use a tiny gun
and agents shot agent!

this is short and that ok it's be cool flash!

tiny gun

i've never saw a so small gun!! XP

to short!

nice,but could be a little bit more longer...

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3.17 / 5.00

Jul 11, 2008
7:52 PM EDT
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