Reviews for "Madness combat test 1"


Its Kinda cool but..............

Animator1123 responds:

dude, you just now saw this?
check out my other stuff i made this such a long time ago geez haha

Good But..

Samwastaken shut up saying make your own... he obviosly wants to show off his animating skills not artist skills on this flash. -.-

pretty good

a couple flaws but all in all pretty good

Animator1123 responds:

thanks, but look at my new one, go to my page and check it out

Make your own

Seriously attmept at making your own stuff, maybe not guns but at least characters. Also was the blood sprited, cause if not that was pretty good. Just touch up the FPS to sumthing like 20 and your animation will look alot less choppy.

Animator1123 responds:

Yeah, that was just a test BUT im gonna have my own series here pretty soon so keep watching and it will be alot faster :]

Not that bad for first time

But those characters lack in animation speed while the "text" is too fast. You need to calculate animation timing more accuratly.

Animator1123 responds:

Dont worry it will get alot better, thanks for the 6 and look for my new one comming out its gonna be good!