Reviews for "Madness combat test 1"

Decent start

But you shouldn't be submitting 'tests' to the portal, and you need to increase your framerate a lot.

Animator1123 responds:

Well you have to admit even this little TEST was better than most the acctual animations people put up of madness and i didnt take the time to up the frame speed cause it was just a test and its a flash portal its meant for flash animations and this is an animation so i think it would also be right to go in the flash portal thanks for the 2

<insert stupid summary title here>

definitely up the frame rate. and only 2 kills? lol. make it longer and you've got yourself a good madness short.

Animator1123 responds:

THANKS! but yeah this was only a test, some people cant get that thru their heads >_<
i didnt bother with the frame rate cause it was just a test maybe since so many people think its that important on a test ill up it then re post it haha
and im gonna be spending ALOT of time on my next animation im gonna start a new series of madness characters... its gonna be good wait and see
thanks for the 8 :]

o man...

this is so wasted and small...why not creating something larger and with some more action,than i can push your rank a little and enjoy the movie. More work,better job...

Animator1123 responds:

ummm yeah... u read the test part right?
Cause it was
just wait for my next madness there will be a plot, character development, EVERYTHING you want. Speed, story and ACTION haha oh and blood and gore haha
And it wont have hank in it it will be an original