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Super ShyGuy Universe!

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Author Comments

I finished my game, it took me a while, but it's here!

Jump with Mouse click, and before you complain that I made bad controls, it is for the PSP, and the only good jumping method with it is using the X button, which is mouse click.

Have an adventure! I'm planning to make a sequel, and I need some advice, so feel free to leave constructive comments, but if you're going to act like a total ass in the comments section, don't even bother because your comment will be deleted.

EDIT: Now with instructions, better image quality, better sound quality, and a link to our freakin awesome sponsor, mariosonicgames.com!

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Holy shit, I had forgotten all about this. Man, what to say? The sprites are re-used way too much and could have at least stood to be more subtle. The frequent lack of backgrounds or utilization of pixelated, low-quality Bitmaps really brought down the overall visual experience. Picking one landscape with some light foreground and a consistent, fitting graphic for the platforms would have made the game look much, much better.

The physics are atrocious. The jumping is awkward and the character bounces gently wherever he stands. Frequently the only way to beat a level is to spam the jump button and force your way through a ceiling into the platform above. The level where you push blocks around to make it to the to is particularly frustrating, since you have very little control over which way the platforms are being pushed and it's just as easy to push a platform the wrong way.

The turn-based battles may be the worst part of this, however. Basically you have one or two attacks and a heal ability with limited usage, which you use when you are low on health. It's just like a game of chicken with some luck involved. Wait as long as you can, heal, and repeat. What's worse, it's the same for every goddamned battle! I eventually quit after the Kratos battle because the luck factor was just ridiculous, and I was sick of redoing the easy missile escape.

Overall what this game is missing most is coherent gameplay. No part of this experience is really challenging in a good way. There's really no way to get 'better' at this game, no strategy or skill that the player will develop, nor any way to customize the player. This is sloppy and unpolished. Titles like The Communist Pixel prove that superior PSP Flash titles exist.

It's okay...

It's okay. I beated the game, and at the end, you gotta control both Mario and Shylo, lol.
Tip: On fight places, only heal up when your health is way too low. If you heal all the way up, it might not work, specially on first fight.


This game really isn't good at all. The collision is just poorly executed and the difficulty curve doesn't exist... It seems like all the levels have just been shuffled randomly.


Gameplay was pretty boring, sorry. Couldnt really pass as a rpg but im sure im the idoit saying things that you already know. But, the Sound effects could turn it around if the gameplay was more mario side scroller and maybe with a gun or atleast shyguy items slash weapons.

There are many types of shy guys and having him transfrom would be really sweet.
Have mushrooms kill you and your forced to hit up bushes for lil hats and what not.
But ill keep up with yah see what you can do if your still in the works for a master flash.

Psychofig responds:

This is one of my projects from a while ago and I was thinking of remaking a much, MUCH better version for the computer. The quality sucks compared to Moovlin, check that out in my profile.

it is not bad

You have a game engine for this game. I think it can be potential for you to develop a new game or revision game if you keep improving your engine and graphics.