Reviews for "Super ShyGuy Universe!"

it has potential

not a bad game
but some of the thing just didnt work well
fx the green boxes where a chaos and i ended pulling then the oppeset way even if i pulled them the rigth way and sometimes i also flew trough them
and also the control as Movieguy48 should be different but its a nice game but needs a little improvement

Psychofig responds:

Okay, yet again you haven't played the entire game, and I see that you are the one out of few who judged the game and wrote a review without getting past the block part. Once you actually finish the whole game, then you shouud review, but since you have it this review doesn't reflect anything.

A few errors

I think that you have almost everything down perfectly Heres what I would work on:

Just switch to a normal WASD or arrow keys, the having to click to jump was confusing.

The messages appeared very fast and it took me a minute to figure out I had to read them using the 'up' key, which confused me furthermore on how to jump.

Other than that everything is great. Work on it a little more and you could have yourself a daily feature.

Psychofig responds:

Thanks for a constructive review.

I could make a PC Version with WASD or just arrow keys, but it's meant for PSP so mouse click is easier, or any portable device like the iPod touch otherwise. I'll look into it.

Yeah, I noticed the text skipped really fast, I'll see if I can extend keyframes.

Ooh, it seems that this is the first game on newgrounds where you get to play as shyguy...hehe.

High quality

This is the best original PSP flash game I have seen. Great job.