Reviews for "Super ShyGuy Universe!"

High quality

This is the best original PSP flash game I have seen. Great job.

Everyone, you all are wrong about this game!

Dont You dare insult it! It is the most revolutionary homebrew game for the psp, its the first full homebrew game for psp that doesnt need a hacked psp! The game itelf is awesome.

Some Codes:

The place u get to play as kirby, i like this part

Fav part of the game, i dont really know why

Final Boss.

Speaking of continuing, could you make it so that when you die, you just go back to where you last got a password? Im not asking for you to incorperate a save feature, just not have to enter a password every time you lose. I love this game PLEASE make a sequal!


It looks good and plays so-so. There is potential in this game. Try making the jump button be space or the up button. Also try to work on the text thing. I press up and every now-and-then I skip the text and have to re-read. Please just work on it a little longer and I'll give you a 10.

Looking forward to a resubbmission or some patches,

it is not bad

You have a game engine for this game. I think it can be potential for you to develop a new game or revision game if you keep improving your engine and graphics.

It's okay...

It's okay. I beated the game, and at the end, you gotta control both Mario and Shylo, lol.
Tip: On fight places, only heal up when your health is way too low. If you heal all the way up, it might not work, specially on first fight.