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Pirate Race

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Author Comments

It be true, me hearties: Mad Cap'n Horg has discovered a treasure map; but just when you thought the God of Luck was on your side, a motherless landlubber copied the said map and sold it to some other black hearted captains.

Your objective in this game is to race the other pirates to the island treasure and get there before they do. Pirates do what pirates do - they play dirty. Use your cannons to shoot the enemy before they shoot you, and try to outsmart them to the end.

You get gold by blasting enemy ships and getting the booty at the end of the race. Use the riches to upgrade your boat, weapons, sails, and oarsman.

Good luck Cap'n, you'll need it!

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Great upbeat music, but not enough control over the ship to fight back effectively. Lots of luck needed after a certain point, which makes the game boring fast.

I found this game to just be okay. I think the best part was being able to fire the cannons. It wasn't that rewarding, but alright. Pirates are pretty cool. The music was nice and fast paced. There just didn't seem to be that much detail into it.

I would have wanted it to be harder, I guess. It didn't seem to have much variety. The designs you do have aren't bad. There's nothing wrong with them. I couldn't even really tell they were pirates at first.

Pumpin' music, very pretty, extremely hard...

Not a bad game but I feel like it just replicates what a lot of other games already make use of. But all in all, not great, not horrific.

quite well

Well the game is quite good, but sometimes I hate it! Sometimes it was absolutely difficult and I could pass through the level!!!


I like the game Cap'n, no game is perfect, even this one, but it was still good

Credits & Info

3.21 / 5.00

Jun 6, 2008
8:53 PM EDT

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