Reviews for "Pirate Race"

Nicely done.

Not sure what everyones complaining about, I made it through the game just fine. I found out that its easier to just take them out towards the end than race.. hah

Nice animation, the controls are a little strange to get used to, but once you do they do alright.

Only complaint was with the auto aim, but that can be countered by turning the boat at an angle. So its all good.


where is the damn mute button?
i hate it, when i cant mite the music...-.-

Good idea

but badly done, when the oponents upgrade faster than you and it becomes impossible, then thats just stupid

kinda odd

the controlos where odd, when I pressed left, the left paddles moved, and I wnet left. The rigth paddles should move if you want to go right....

Also, you dont have a chance, when you select your upgrades bad... I choose weapons over a new boat, but they got a faster boat, so I wasnt able to win anymore..

its alright

i gotta say it steps up the difficulty a bit much. if you dont your ship as fast, your bound to lose.

the controls are a bit annoying as well.

i have to say as well, that the gameplay is pretty basic. just button bash the keys to go in a straight line