Reviews for "Pirate Race"


This game is not too hard, it's rather a little challenge. A very well done and balanced game. It's original and addicting aswell, graphics are great and the music well it's good. Keep up the good work!

This game is great.

Anyone who disagrees is probably complaining about the difficulty level.

There's an easy answer to this though: DON'T BUY CANNONS. Cannons don't actually help you unless you're trying to get a good high-score, and if you lose just try again; eventually the terrain will be on your side (2nd or 3rd try). The hull is important but the oars are the most, and it's good to be aggressive, but rather than with cannons, PUSH the other boat behind you. THAT is how you win, and it is a pretty easy game if you get good at pressing left and right one after another at a decent speed.

The animations were good and the gameplay was overall excellent. Cannons serve next to no purpose however, and all the sails do is make you tolerant of your opponents' (which makes me question why they buy them sometimes if they have unlimited HP). Decent storyline for a game with next to nothing of it.

The music was great, just wish it had looped better. It wasn't pirate-y at all, but the song you chose proved it didn't need to be.

Again, those who gave it low scores because THEY suck should be ashamed of themselves regardless of who's admitting what.


so simple...yet SO adicting.... NICE:D

You did it...

again FWG. I didn't have any problems with the game. Controls work fine. Graphics and Audio are excellent. Nice game.......vp

sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet menu song

the menu song kicks ass