Reviews for "Pirate Race"



Another tweak you might add!

When I started the game I was thinking of regular boats. If you row on the left side of the boat, you will turn right, row on right, you turn left. That confused me that you didn't include that, and it still messed me up a little in some occasions.

I would suggest if you retain the left goes left and the right does right, make it more along the lines of a steering game rather than a rowing game, and so that you can just hold the key to turn rather than keep pressing (unless retain the rowing aspect, then the constant key pressing is alright.)

Other than that, a semi-solid game that can be great by adding the tweaks below.

Good but not great=.=

i really like the game but you need to improve in some stuff...

Entertaining but buggy.

Not sure if you programmed some of these in on purpose or they are bugs but here goes..
1) Cannonballs flying in from the side of the screen appear randomly
2) If i lose a game, and click "try again" i instantly get a random amount of gold (Usually 6000+) before the race (I buffed up my ship nicely ha ha)
3) Sometimes I can row over the long islands, lol
4) Upgrading the ship is inconsistent between races, e.g after winning a race level 6 cannons to level 7 costs xxx gold, level 7 to level 8 costs 1xxx gold, level 8 to level 9 costs 3xxx gold and so on.. but when i win the next race upgrading cannons from level 9 to level 10 costs xxx gold.
5)I know others have already said so but if you don't upgrade your ship normally (i.e. not "trying again" and haxing 6000 gold haha) asap you will get slaughtered. Maybe a bit more balance?

Controls: Maybe in the future, pressing up = row forwards, left and right = turn?

All that said, it kept me entertained for quite a while. Nice fast-paced music, colourful menu.
Good effort!!

Not bad... but not impressive.

Yeah, it was a pretty fun game to play I guess... and it sortof involved tactics if you chose to attack the enemies rather than just outrunning them. It kinda lacked in the amount of options given to you, because you really couldn't win without specailizing in speed. Also, as you got to higher levels, you really couldn't prevent yourself from being hit by 6-12 cannonballs right in the beginning as the ships took off. Overall, it probably coulda used some additions, but it is still a nice peice of work. Good job, and congrats on front page.