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This is a very dangerous mission, you must tear down inside train's bomb in 90 seconds

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It was an excellent short game! Though I would like to see more of Alma. In COOP 2112, in the ending, Cyandic mentioned that she saved his life. I would greatly love a game of 3DBBQ where Alma is player 1 ^^.
(P.S: When you complete the mission by saving all the hostages, they say: "Perfect Mission", and when you kill them all, it shows: "Killing people without flinching, you're from SA, aren't you?" XD)

Tagalog: Astig!!!
English: Cool!!!

I say it's pretty nice.

Here's a few tips for the slower of us.


1) Change to pistol when you start.
2) Use pistol the entire time until you get to the boss.
3) It's blue wire. It's ALWAYS. Blue wire. When the CRAP has it EVER been red wire? If you aren't sure, just do blue wire every time.

Anyway, I think the game was pretty nice. Reminiscent of Virtua Cop (among other games) and it had a nice, if a bit of a clumsy, feel to it.

Difficulty curve was good. Failed about 4 times. On the fifth, I got through without killing a single hostage, defused the bomb and killed the boss. Go me! My only gripe with it is that it was, you guess it! TOO SHORT. Nice nonetheless.

4 out of 5

Fun, with one or two issues.

This is a good and solid game. There are only two problems that I noticed. First of all, the luck-based success or failure is an interesting feature, but is quite annoying. My other issue is that the final boss' difficulty has more to do with his enormous health bar than actually having him fight back in a meaningful way.

One thing I would say is that, honestly people, there is a weapon switching function. Stop whining about your first gun killing people when you can easily switch to a different, less wide-yield one in about half a second. Three buttons. Right side of the screen. Not that much of a stretch.

hard but rewarding

it took abou five tries but i beat it