Reviews for "TimeBomb90second"

pretty um nifty. (yeah thats right! i said nifty!)

i said it! pretty good game man peace

lol boss 6 bars left

i lmost killed him

heres tips: First, only use pistol and machne gun IF only IF your fighting 6 or more.

when ur at the bomb, the blue wire is the good wire.

and when ur fighting the boss, unload ur machine gun THEN ur energy gun on him, then unload ur pistol at him

Inbetween him movving through the screen,. shoot ur pistol till it runs out of ammo to reaload fast

also, when u see hostiges, just kill them, they slow u down.

take these tips, and u should win in no time!

BTW awsome game, i love the arcade style game and graphics, and the whole "time" theme :)

holy crap

what was that intro dnb audio sample from, it was amazing!

WTF! Plot Twist!!!

I tried like 5 times to disarm the bomb, and when I actually succeeded I couldn't beat the boss. It looks great, but I hate how after you kill an enemy you have to wait for him to fade to continue while the clock is still ticking. An what is the point of the guys wearing black and green!? There doesn't seem to be a penalty if you kill them, and they just get in the way. And if you shoot the gun out of an enemies hands and they surrender, you still have to kill them before proceeding, wasting both time and ammunition. Also, why can you pick up Health (barely any) along the way but not ammunition for youre better guns!!!
You need to use all of the machine gun and and a good quarter of the electric gun to make it to the bomb in time, and when you make it to the boss, 3 quarters of your electirc gun doesnt even take out a quarter of the bosses health! Do you really expect us to kill him with the pistol!? This game was pretty good for a flash rail shooter but it has a lot of flaws. Most people will give up easily.

pretty good

the last boss was literally impossible so that was hard but the rest was awesome