Reviews for "TimeBomb90second"

omg wat is this?!

okay i get the fact its meant to be like tie crisis..but the graphics were rubbish and im sure ive seen that character somewhere else lol. its a good game but theres no dodge or anything

Didnt like it

the game was alright the graphics were so bad and you just need to give us a bit more time gd job


I Can't believe this is possible with Flash...
3D.. Great... i like this kind of Games, kind of Retro..Arcade-like
the Enemy and Civillian design is very Funny too.
the only things i didn't like: it's a little bit short and you have no "doge" abillity like in "Time-Crisis"

Good job.

Reaaaally good game man. I liked it a lot.

Good game.

You *can* reload, you have to move your cross hair to the bottom of the screen, below the line labeled "Reload".

I loved the graphics, but it was difficult at first until you got to know how to play it correctly.