Reviews for "TimeBomb90second"

Under rated!

What a great game just for the visuals!

Controls are solid and gameplay is really fun.


this was awesome


pretty nice polygon 3d graphics, the boss's laughter is straight from Michael Jackson's Thriller. I loved it, When is the sequel coming up?

Great Game

Great Boss Fight, but pretty hard. The percentage of the mission is true since it is red or blue wire. Great audio and derision from Time Crisis. I would love to see another one of these man. For people having trouble, reload is at the bottom of the screen for pistol and use the taser and p90 at the boss, it makes it much easier. It is a great game and I got a 47.


it doesnt have any ammo for your guns but it has health..thats kind of odd..the hostages just get in the way so just shoot them i didnt like it i thought it could have been better please dont make another one because the rest of us will have to suffer