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FF VIII - SeeD Test

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Alright, so here is a small replica of the SeeD test from Final Fantasy 8. I did this while learning actionscript and so you could call this my first ever flash creation. It was made quite a while ago for my website, and since I no longer have the .fla you'll notice a few problems, such as the strange background color.

I'm not sure if I'll make an updated version, but if I do I'd like to have some feedback to work with so I thought I'd submit it here. One thing I want to add, of course is the ability to save your rank.

While I know this isn't the best flash work, and thus will receive a few bad reviews, I only ask that those of you who do review badly will add some constructive criticism with your review instead of "lololol this suxxors!"
Hope you enjoy.

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This is a great replica! Keep them coming!

Agh, I remmber these!

I couldn't stand takin' these quizzes, they annoyed the shit out of me! But you got this pretty much exactly like it is in the game, so it does deserve an 8, at least. Pretty good, man. Make some more FFVIII shit, we ain't got enough. Too much of #7...


dude this is by far my favorite ff game i played 7 but for some reason I enjoyed this more very accurate 2!

MyCreativityCafe responds:

Thank you, I did my best to make it accurate to the FF8 version.

Thank you for your review


It was a good quiz but i never played FF8 so I failed for about the first 5 times....

MyCreativityCafe responds:

Thank you. As for the questions you should be able to find the answers if you search. Though to be honest it's still hard for people who HAVE played the game.

Thanks for your review

good quiz

although it's not 100 percent accurate to the one in the game, that's actually what i enjoyed about it. i had think back and rack my brain to remember all of this stuff. considering i haven't played it in years.

music was perfect, the grey menu screen was good. haha i like how you even got the finger pointer right.

one thing i had a minor complaint about was the lack of sound effects. if you do an updated version you should consider adding some FF8 sound effects.

other than that i really enjoyed it keep up the good work man. 5/5 and 9/10. =]

MyCreativityCafe responds:

Thanks a lot. I was actually a bit frustrated with the sound effects myself. I looked for quite a while but I could find nothing that even remotely went with what I needed, only a bunch of explosions or alarm clock sounds. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Thank you for your review.

Credits & Info

3.78 / 5.00

Apr 24, 2008
10:19 PM EDT

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