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Reviews for "FF VIII - SeeD Test"

What a great game

First thing I would like to note is this belongs in the game section =D
I love FFVIII and remeber these test/quizes oh to well lol

I honestly don't know what you could do to this, maybe make it longer... Get some type of action in it? Make it more appealing.

This is a great show of basic action scripting though, keep up the good work ^^

MyCreativityCafe responds:

Eh? I thought this was in the game section.

Also for this I've had a few ideas such as being able to save your score, and adding in a few advanced ranks since the answers can be searched. One day I was thinking to expand it to include the whole ff8 menu so different magics and junctions could be tested for their effect.

Thank you for your review.

I remember this.

I used to play FF8. I believe I still have a copy of it.

Also, how do I fail with 60%? I'm positive I got higher, and 60% is a pass.

MyCreativityCafe responds:

Honestly I thought that too untill I went back and played my copy, but in the game it won't let you pass unless you get 100%

Thank you for your review.