Sonic RPG eps 8

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-Reuploaded at 08/30/2012-
Fixed a few bugs;
Added the newest info about or team;
Added link to our Website: www.flash-essence.com;
Improved sound quality.
First of all, VERY IMPORTANT:
- Please, see this movie in a FAST computer!
- Sorry for the file size, it will take some time to load, please wait a few minutes.
- This is NOT the final episode, dont expect an end just now.

After more than a year, the new episode of Sonic RPG series is finally here, being this my greatest work so far! Unfortunatly for some guys the series is coming to an end.

*You can't beat the RPG battle?* Then press "Space bar" to go to main menu and enter the "Scene Selection"! After so much critics, I decided to take off the Password System!

Enjoy the episode everyone!

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Man i remember this being so hard when i was a kid

Why are people saying you cant play this anymore?
Just go where the credits section is, and where video appears change it to flash. Done. You can play it, though the auras are for some reason a layer above the characters but thats just a little side problem.

Unfortunately it is no longer available to even watch, only the intro is left intact.

Please consider porting it to Newsground Flash Player or at least converting it to movie format, this was my favorite flash game as a child.

With the most spectacular and important battle yet. Sonic RPG eps 8 reminds why sprite battles are so magnificent.
But it does not disappoint in the gameplay, on the contrary, it has a very well made selection of techniques to use.
It may be a easy fight (if you are a fan of the difficulty of the previous eps), but if you are not careful you may lose one of your allies, although there is no way to revive them, you can still win with only one of them. I especially love the necessary button input for the most powerful attack, it's unexpected but makes me feel so much more immersed.
The music selection is superb, sound effects are on point as well as the voice acting.
Very few things I can ask for anymore, maybe more interactive attacks or longer episodes. :D

A fan's review of Episode 8, or semi-reviews at this point.

The sprite animation is absolutely great. I love the variety of attacks Sonic and Shadow can use to defeat Seelkadoom. I love the shot where Reala looks out into the sunset. It gives a sense of urgency, and fear when it comes to Seelkadoom himself. What can I say, it's still amazing. Also, that intro tho.