Reviews for "Sonic RPG eps 8"

this is badass yo best game ever


So hard I finally beat the battle first time! Phew ! And for people who don't know how to beat Seelkadoom just use attack, healer or heal drops and Team Overdrive. You need to do the commands thing so you can beat him, becuase this allowes you to take away over 18000 hp out of Sellkadoom. If you want to know a bit about the final episode just read besrat's comment and you should find it. This stratergy should help you to beat him. Whooo Sonic RGP Episode 9 is coming out in March 2013. And still you don't have to read this comment MidNightMaren included help menu with some text to help with the battle and some basic skills to help you in the battle. The help menu is under Scene Select, and he left on another website and update of hyper sonic. And the strangest thing happens and Tails and Amy are in Herbitagan ! But anyway find the update, and yes the trailer is on Newgrounds again such surprises.
I'll give it a five and great sprite for Seelkadoom where did you get it from?

It's April, where is the 9th episode? In flash essence you said they would release it before Easter.

The game s possible T_T, and I LOVE THIS!