Reviews for "Sonic RPG eps 8"

hrruy up and make eps 10


pretty good game

I love the all the sonic rpg episodes seelkadoom really eggan i could think of something better than that for an evil genius that name sucks. Other than that sonic rules over seelkadoom.

I defeated Seelkadoom and all that, but what the heck is this? This game is completly bad, First off, How could Shadow use Chaos Control If he doesn't even have a CHAOS EMERALD? Second of all, the attack is called Sacrificer because he sacrifices 900 HP??? That is weird. And third off, The Sacrificer is the best attack, you could use heal, as 25 MP, more then white wind, Don't you think its easy? Forth, How did Seelkadoom have all the emeralds? Fifth, Seelkadoom should be faster than Sonic and shadow because he's the data of Shadow and Sonic, he could break the Light speed attack, Sonic lost his speed. That is confussing as well, You should fix them all! People rate 5 because the OTHER rpg games are good, this one is the worse. Even Episode 9 was better than this crap. In my opinion. Time wasted.