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Author Comments

Create your own glitch music in this experimental dodging game. Collect points to upgrade your tracks and control up to three ships at once!

Use the ARROW KEYS or WASD to move your ships and switch between tracks.

*You can skip the tutorial by pressing SPACE BAR after starting a new game.*

Newgrounds' very own SineRider composed the music especially for this game. It's interactive glitch music! Be sure to visit his page for more great songs!

This is our entry to the 5th flash game contest at JayisGames.com. Enjoy!

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very original great physics and hard

This game is awesome!

I love this game. It's really great, I know this has minimal graphics and such, but the idea is very creative. You could possibly develop the graphics more and find more ways to diversify the game, but this is very amazing. This is one of the few games on Newgrounds that have really blown me from the creativity. 5/5 and 10/10.


I had some issues grasping the controls, even after the tutorial. It does need to be fleshed out a little, and maybe made just a little bit simpler and easier to control.
It is an excellent idea all round, it just needs a little work.

I too will be looking forward to future creations from you.


I thought it was an enjoyable game, though it could've used a bit, well...more. It was simplistic and fun, which is good, but on the other hand it was TOO simplistic, and it's charm wore off after a relatively short while. The concept was brilliant, however, and I look forward to future creations from you.

axcho responds:

Thanks. I'm hoping that I can come up with a way to flesh out the concept and make it more solidly fun in the sequel. Let me know if you have any ideas. :)

Good first try.

I thought thus game very fun loved the upgrades. I just feel like it needs something else.

The whole idea of the game seems like a hit and miss, I say this mainly because I felt like the whole premise of the game just doesn't work, at all. I feel like the game is mainly based on warping the music but I feel like you can't warp it at all. I feel this way because when you move the ships to the left and right it doesn't really do anything to the track it just makes it skip which makes the music sound really irritating.

Another complaint I have with this is that it's hard to control the other ships when you aren't in control of them. They seem to just flicker and jitter for no reason. I feel like it was a cool idea for the upgrades but I feel like they don't realyl add much to the warping of the sound, they all just seem to do the same thing and I feel like that part of the game could have been better.

One suggestion I have is to maybe include more power ups then just speeding it all up, because power ups in games usually will keep the gamer coming back for more.

A good idea that wasn't very well executed due to sound bugs.


axcho responds:

Thanks for the detailed review.

I agree that the way the music is affected could be improved - the skipping is a common element in glitch music, but it's usually used more sparingly than in this game. Maybe it should only skip when you collect a certain item, instead of whenever you move?

It may not have been clear to you exactly how the glitching works. Each ship's track corresponds to a separate music track (lead, drums, pad). When you move a ship, only the music track that goes with that ship is glitched. And the amount that the music skips depends on the speed of the ship.

The movement of the different ships is linked by derivatives. The easiest way to control all of them is to use the ship on the far right.

I think that having more powerups would be a good idea, especially if they affect the music. This was a very experimental sort of project, as it was my first attempt at using interactive glitch music in a game. I think some of it worked pretty well but there's definitely a lot to improve on. Thanks again for the feedback.

Credits & Info

4.05 / 5.00

Mar 18, 2008
3:35 PM EDT