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Reviews for "_dRive"

WOW Applied Physics made fun!

This game is awesome

Simple graphics, but intense complicated gameplay. I want to know how you came up with this concept, because it is really weird, which is what makes me like this so very much


axcho responds:

Glad you liked it. :D As for the concept, we were brainstorming about how to make a game with physics upgrades, and came up with the idea that you could start out controlling position, then velocity, then the acceleration of your ship in order to collect and dodge stuff streaming past. Then I said we might as well put stuff in all three spaces at once. So we did. :)

The glitch music was another idea I had a long time ago, but never really investigated much until recently. (the music skips back and forth when you move, depending on your speed and which track you're on) Combining the two ideas, of derivative motion and glitch music, was a pretty obvious move once I started thinking about it. :)

Great game

Starts off slow and then gets fast and intense. All the extra ships to control makes it all the more intense as well. Very good game.


Wow. Wow. Great, you just make my evening a hell of a lot more interesting. If it makes you feel better thats my favourite game since Fancy Pants Adventure 2. I like Fancy Pants Adventure 2 a lot. Also I would like to add i'm quite the critic, very hard to please. Build on this in some way, more varieties of sound. You have the foundations of a very nice game, now work on a sequel to make it as aesthetically pleasing as possible. Very nice =).

axcho responds:

Wow, to be even compared to FPA2 is quite an honor. Thank you! Did you find the game through my recent forum topic? It would be great to get some of your suggestions for the sequel, if you want to post them there.


I have to admit, that I couldn't really grasp the controls all that well, but this game is simply amazing. Great work, and I would really love to see a sequel.

This game is awesome!

I love this game. It's really great, I know this has minimal graphics and such, but the idea is very creative. You could possibly develop the graphics more and find more ways to diversify the game, but this is very amazing. This is one of the few games on Newgrounds that have really blown me from the creativity. 5/5 and 10/10.