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Reviews for "_dRive"


I have to admit, that I couldn't really grasp the controls all that well, but this game is simply amazing. Great work, and I would really love to see a sequel.


somthing origianal for a change!!! good job!


Wow. Wow. Great, you just make my evening a hell of a lot more interesting. If it makes you feel better thats my favourite game since Fancy Pants Adventure 2. I like Fancy Pants Adventure 2 a lot. Also I would like to add i'm quite the critic, very hard to please. Build on this in some way, more varieties of sound. You have the foundations of a very nice game, now work on a sequel to make it as aesthetically pleasing as possible. Very nice =).

axcho responds:

Wow, to be even compared to FPA2 is quite an honor. Thank you! Did you find the game through my recent forum topic? It would be great to get some of your suggestions for the sequel, if you want to post them there.


I really like your idea. You didn't really even need to read the tutorial. It was that simple, but the idea was raised onto a whole 'nother level. Simply intuitive. Ingenious, rather. Awesome job.

Too Intense

Couldn't really control what was going on after there were three blocks running at the same time. Maybe give each block an individual control to make it easier?

axcho responds:

Ah, but then they wouldn't be derivatives, eh? ;)

It is pretty intense at first, but it's just something you get used to as you improve. Either that or go play a more relaxing game like flOw instead. No problem.