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BioTank V1

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Inspired by a thread on the BBS, I have created little automated life forms that are born, live, evolve and eventually die off all at your fingertips. Instructions and information inside.

This is only V1 and is thus quite unfinished feature-wise. You see all that empty space at the bottom? I want to fill all that up =) Help me NG and give me suggestions and ideas for features. Extra ways to torment, or complicated their short, insignificant little lives are appreciated.

I know this won't score wonderfully due to the ADD nature of the average NG user but if you like it, leave a positive review and perhaps... just perhaps this might get underdog which would be awesome <3.

Oh, and if you're using a really low, crappy resolution like 800x600, please for the love of all mankind, switch to a higher resolution.

Lastly, no music for both instant load (<3 low file size) and so that you can leave it running in the background for a while.

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heres a suggestion

have a click on species and helping them evlve feature not on the bottom but for every cell spawned also you should name cells so their easier to find you should have on the side what their being attacked by it also seems cells work together to fight enimies you should let the cells merge so you have 2 diffrent cells in one group on which slowly grow and merge! great game you got talent


make a sequel(ideas for sequel) create ur own spiceies or have specise go cell to cell(get it) in multi player srry no more ideas for now will write if i think of more (u neeed to make a sequel


but mabye there could be a limit for the cells?Hmmm.. write back!! :)


you should make as they get bigger they become diffrent grow eyes and stuff and you should make it that once they get big enough they become some sort of creture and walk on land then a diffrent kind of cell comes and plus they get bigger they should grow little fins eyes arms legs and also you should make it so you can upgrade a speices to make them stronger

great game

you could make diffrent enimines, some type of shelter for the little guys, sorry for the lack of advice, i don't see this game type often

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4.06 / 5.00

Mar 16, 2008
12:31 AM EDT