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FFVII Clouds True Love

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Here it is my first submission to the portal!

Originally this was for fun but soon turned in to a project for school, which is something I seriously regret. Because of the lack of time I ended up drawing a great deal directly in flash and because of the assignment I wasn't allowed to put in voices. Don't expect to much, just a laugh or two is all I was going for.

For all you Final Fantasy buffs out there, this isn't even close to Final Fantasy 7's story so DON'T COMPLAIN!

Oh and I promise there will be a sequel, and it will be far better then this.

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*summary thing goes here*

omg I love Cloud's huge sad eyes!!!! It's so cuuuute!!!!

Makes me want to hug him until his HEAD POPS OFF!!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!!!!

Yes. I don't care for ol' chocobo head. Aside from a laugh he's pretty useless IMHO.

As soon as I saw who his love was, I cheered. "I KNEW IT!!!" Predictable, but I liked it. :3