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Reviews for "FFVII Clouds True Love"

That was pretty good!

I thought you did a good job! It was quite funny and I forward to the sequel!

He's in love?

With a motorcycle?

grizlybro responds:

Have you seen his bike? I'd cry if someone stole it from me!

Ah a nice Final Fantasy tribute.

I wonder though was the love between Cloud and his bike or between Cloud and Sephiroth, as Sephiroth may have taken the bike to get closer to cloud?
Well I have probably said a story you did not want to take, so you do not have to worry about that.

The flash was very good for your first submission and it is clear that you will submit good flash to the portal in the future.
I liked the stick man stunt double for Sephiroth, not sure wether you made it to be easier or for the humor but it worked very well. I would like to watch part 2.

Keep up the good work.

Pretty good

Like many here, I didn't expect this to be as good as it was. The plain title really threw me off. Anyways, the opening was nice, and the character designs were cute and appealing. But dear, please don't get lazy on hands. Some scenes he would have all the fingers, others would be rounded balls. You either pick one or the other, but having both makes me think you got lazy or frustrated when it came time to do harder poses like the scene where Cloud was ready to slice from above.

I look forward to seeing a sequel.

Hope my first flash submission is as good as this!

anything with final fantasy 7 in it kicks ass... (excluding DoC) but this was just the right amount of kickass to be had in one sitting, good animation, and spot on flash overall, more characters please....