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Reviews for "FFVII Clouds True Love"


i am a huge FFVII fan but sadly lost my copy that was really good aniomation and storyline and i loved the trampoline bit and he gets up there and hits a balloon


that was badass! You need a higher score! I Maybe you need a stronger name than FFVII because I didn't expect this great of a flash because the title was weak. But it was great. You had good art, good animation, nice plot, the random stick figure seph was funny. And the music was perfectly placed. Using the Bloodhound gang at the end was awesome. Great job, I really liked it. It'd be cool to have some voices sometime.

If you ever make another sweet submission, you give me a call, I'm a voice actor :) (check demo on userpage) I have to advertise sometimes when I see great animators with a lot of potential that get overlooked like this. Good job!

grizlybro responds:

You've got a pretty good demo real, I'll keep you in mind.


Stupid But Kinda Funny


I loved it!!! really funny lol

Not Bad

I'm not much of a FF fan, but this was a decent animation on its own.

I like how he stole his bike and then at the saloon he busted thru the wall. I thik you could have NOT used a stick figure for him falling, though. You should have stuck with the artwork you had used up to that point.

Nice job overall. 4/5 + 7/10