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Reviews for "FFVII Clouds True Love"


i am a huge FFVII fan but sadly lost my copy that was really good aniomation and storyline and i loved the trampoline bit and he gets up there and hits a balloon

Three cheers

I think its brillantly funny. Besides all the rabid ff7 fangirls/boys can do is blam this or stalk you in non pleasat ways. They scare me... I hope to see part 2 soon.

give it 20

i would have give it 20 but it does not go that high.

something new

I laughed my ass off when Clouds bike got stolen ... very original storyline
and the music score was spot-on
a bit cliché but it just made the moment
cant wait for the next one

your awsome

i think this is one of the lamest animations ever!!! lol