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The Snap

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Just another regular day in the life of... wait what?!

Warning: May or may not cause seizures and / or temporary blindness.

edit: Belated frontpage just made my day. Thanks for all the reviews, I love you all <3

edit: removed audio to avoid licensing issues.

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It was cool to see all these flashy effects! I just wish it wasn't this long. It just seemed to not have enough material for all that it was worth. I love that Philip K. Dick quote at the end. The colors were great in this. I couldn't tell if there was some deeper meaning.

I doubt it. Then again, you are a pretty deep person. It really is hard to even tell that your cartoons were made by the same person. You've just given us so much variety! I'm glad you're glad it eventually got frontpaged.


whats this song and were can i get it?


I had an acid trip very similar to this. Weird.


I been seeing this since kindergarden LOL.


has the same effect as drugs: you collapse for twelve minutes