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Reviews for "The Snap"

trippy or wa

loved all the colours and sounds in this toon truely made my head spin lol but it was a lil repetitive. But iv seen someone trip out like that before it wasent as fun as the movie was lol


and this is why winners don't use drugs (or do they?)

nice one :)

i dont know what to say...
in english :D

hammwergeil dein video. werd#s mir mal breit reinziehen. genial. echt nice

pycopathic run!

This video has inspired me to co on a psycopathic-homocidal-run-while-on-dr ugs so get ready for my court case being redirected to you. maybe 2.

did i decipher it?

well, the talking "dog", sounds like it says at first," i am a dog, but you ain't human too"? then, it says" i am blue,dog (random gibberish about self)" dunno if that's right, but it sounds like it. anyways awesome flsh, had a headache, but when i watched this it went away. i give you a 10 for that.