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Reviews for "The Snap"

:) Good

It' s good just 2 things:
> You could make it shorter too long

>What did you smoke?? haha

:D nice

The animation was good, and i liked it...buuut i think it would be better if it was a little shorter. the end made me giggle xD


Its very funny for the first like 20 seconds. Then it was just like eh... end was kinda funny. My only suggestion would for it to have been shorter.


Man....that was awesome!

Could you imagine what it would've been like if it had been capable of 3D effects? all that stuff jumping out at you?

I'd probably end up the exact same way as the guy....I imagine I'd be better off.

Definitely awesome!


That was the trippiest thing i have seen, EVA~!@!!!!!1 like srly i mean it's like woah, and i'm like duuuuuude, and for a minute i thought i was on some shroooooms and na shi~, it was cool, and weird, i gave it a 5 :D.,