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Reviews for "The Snap"

my god...

I'd hate to be the person to watch that trpin on shrooms or something lol definately a messed up flash, but in a good way :D


I saw this on mindistortion when it first came out! it's about time this made front page! Mr. Fallmann you never cease to amaze and delight!


my brain just farted.

What the $%$#@ man??

this buy had to be on some hard core stuff. it was so damn funny.

:: Nut ::

Thank you for the video.

Excellent progression. Hilarious. Terrifying. It's a nice milking of the adrenals when you're already halfway to floating off the couch.

So to sum it up, %u25BA %u266A%u266B%u266A%u266B %u263A %u263C %u2116%u203C %u25A0

BTW: Check out Mouse on Mars from the Audio link. Ten out of five hallucinated creatures approve.