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I made this for my street racing site, which I run here in Southern California.

I'm sure just about everyone has seen those modified, lowered import cars with their loud exhaust, trick paintjobs and ground effects. It's amazing how they can take a car meant to get you to work or take a trip to the mall and completely transform it. Well now is your chance to make one yourself!

**3/23/02 -- Version 2.0 released. Lots of new stuff.

Note: VIN numbers are case sensative! Enter it wrong and you could get really weird stuff.

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This game came out in 2002? That's before I was born. I played this since 2009

The first proper game in the construction set genre, most before this just plain out weren't any good, and were lacking enough content to really fit in.

I overall enjoyed this thoroughly, as there were many options to chose from, and a fairly good art design overall. Why a punch buggy though? Was that a joke? I sure hope so.

The backgrounds actually having something to do was a nice touch, though simple, added more depth to the game overall. (my record for the reaction time was 0.613, can't get any closer T_T)

This game did quite good due to it's attention to detail and fine tuning a lot things other flash creators neglected, such as music, variety, and adding more later.

This brought back so much memories. Used to played it on some flash sites with my bro.

The nostalgia is real!

Holy crap, I used to remember this game on some flash website at the time! Me and my bro play this game an hell a lot when we were young as we was just messing around, customizing every car there is. Man, time go by fast.