Reviews for "Create-A-Ride"

use these cars if you want


13 years old and still holds up

Holds up well for a 2002 flash game. Car selection is pretty good...considering you want to feature cars that are just normal street cars I'll give you a break for not including anything along the lines of a Toyota Supra or a Nissan Skyline. Do have to say, I love the backgrounds and the dragstrip is a neat touch.

Good game if you miss the days of the early Fast And The Furious movies and Need For Speed: Underground.

I remember playing this as a kid.

Badass Game, Bro!

I liked this alot; when you make the next one be sure that you add in an S10, lol. Everything was really good except the music, (blah!). That's okay, you should also make a few more characters.