Reviews for "Create-A-Ride"


I think its sum pretty sweet ass flash, but i'd have ta say,Add an ass load more cars and styles.not ta mention better lookin drivers. ( ) )

This Game Rocks

I love this game and the cars in it. I like muscle cars more though. If there was a muscle car version with cars like '69 Dodge Charger and '68 Mustang and you can't forget '67 Camaro.
A game with these cars would rock so much. So if there was a muscle car version that would be much better.


HA I SET THE NEW RECORD 5.15 secs!!!!!! HAHA


This game is kick ass I just got the new record for the raceway 519 done by ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ooooh yer

i have gotten 0.500 no bull
its at http://www.angelfire.com/freak /fry/images/car.jpg
it took me 3 tries
car VIN code is